Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley: Bromance at the 2014 Vampire Diaries Convention in Las Vegas


Check out the photos of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from the Official 2014 Vampire Diaries Convention at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Ian and Paul both took the stage, yesterday September 13, at the Rio Hotel where they both met fans, answered questions, talked about funny on set stories and flirted with each other constantly.

Ian and Paul both shared how they think each other are extremely hot and how they share everything, referring to what, we don’t quite know, they left that for our imagination to wonder.

The bromance or should we say the flirting between Ian and Paul got weird quickly to the point where Paul yelled at Ian for getting behind him saying “don’t get behind me, that’s when I get nervous and things get weird”. The joking around pleased the hundreds of fans that attended the con and Ian and Paul stuck to the act throughout the hour long Q&A panel.

There’s lots of stories to tell when on a TV set with Vampires and witches, but when it came to story time Paul and Ian shared what happened when Paul (Stefan Salvatore) was filming a bed scene with Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert). Ian says he walked on set when Paul was in bed doing what was suppose to be a serious scene with Nina when he notice something sticking up under the sheets. From the angle he was in Ian said it sure looked like Paul got quite “happy” during the filming of the scene. At the end of the story Ian says he later found out it was just Paul’s toe!

After finishing the story Paul added more to the mystery by saying “the twist is it wasn’t my toe”!…..

Another memorable moment of the convention was when one of the fans asked what the guys would do with a Klondike Bar. The guys response was “what wouldn’t we do with it”, gesturing as if they were rubbing something on their bodies, they went on to say “may be use it like a bar of soap”.

The whole hour with Ian and Paul became a huge fanfiction and had fans walking out of the convention with big grins on their faces.

View just some of the photos from the convention below.

Photos: © Justin Paludipan/ Starpicz

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