Steven R. McQueen Gets Fan Friendly at the Vampire Diaries Convention in Las Vegas

Check out some of the photos of Steven R. McQueen from the Official 2014 Vampire Diaries Convention at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The 26 year old star attended the Vampire Diaries Convention yesterday, September 14, at the Rio Hotel where he met fans, answered questions, and gave a fan a massage!

Steven just couldn’t keep the girls off the stage, during the convention two very lucky girls got to grace his presents on stage. One girl, all the way from Ireland, got a huge hug from Steven while another fan got a sexy back massage.

When another female fan asked what he would bring if he was stranded on an island Steven said “a beery white record and you…”, fluttering all the women in the audience the next question was another stunner.

The topic turned into details about his acting career and what kind of movies he would be interested in being in next. This is when a fan asked what his stripper move would be called if he was in “Magic Mike”.

Stevens’ response…. “The Tornado”! He said he’s not sure why and continued to say if Channing Tatum offered him a role in the movie he’d say yes!

The Q&A panel was full of fun and games until Steven revealed he once “got in trouble for attempted murder” back when he was in school. Telling his “true story” he said he found out they were not supposed to have candy during their camping trip so he threw the snickers bar he had with him inside his teachers tent to hide it, but since the snickers bar could of surely attracted unwelcomed animals into the teachers tent Steven was scolded and told to write a two page essay about his snickers bar and his “attempted murder “on his teachers life. The story was truly just a honest mistake on his part when he was young. Steven had fun sharing the story but quickly realized he probably shouldn’t have told it.

Along with Steven the weekend long convention pulled in over a dozen stars form CW Networks hit series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ including Daniel Gillies, Charles Michael Davis, Matthew Davis, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Kat Graham, Micah Parker, Rick Cosnett, Paul Telfer, Chase Coleman, Sebastian Roche and of course Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley.

Just some photos of Steven from the Convention below and the rest of the cast here.

Photos: © Justin Paludipan/ Starpicz

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