Terms of Service

Specific rules and regulations governing the use of PALUDIPAN, LLC. services.

Acceptable Use Policy

Policy describing acceptable and unacceptable uses of PALUDIPAN, LLC.’s services.

Service Agreement

A legal contract between PALUDIPAN, LLC., and all customers.

Resource Usage Policy

Specific rules and regulations governing resource usage.

DMCA Policy

Information on reporting alleged copyright infringement to PALUDIPAN, LLC.

Unmetered Policy

How we define, apply, and think about “Unmetered.”

Domain Registration Agreement

Agreement for domain names registered through PALUDIPAN, LLC.

Affiliate Terms of Service

Agreement for participants in PALUDIPAN, LLC.’s Affiliates program.

Privacy Policy

Guidelines and explanations about how we use the information we collect.

Trademark Disputes for Domain Names

Data Request Policy

Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities

Transfer Policy