Rory J. Saper – Las Vegas Film Festival’s 2013 Male Indie Icon Award Winner

Rory-J-Saper-Rufus-Las-Vegas-Film-Festival-LVH-720139341Meet Rory J. Saper, UK’s new and upcoming actor and 2013’s Male Indie Icon Award Winner.

Rory attend this year’s Las Vegas Film Festival to promote his latest film ‘Rufus’ and receive his award for 2013 Male Indie Icon Winner at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino this past Saturday, July 20th.

Rory was accompanied by writer/director of ‘Rufus’, Dave Schultz, and castmates Melissa Quesnelk, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor Kim Coates, and Bruce Harvey.

Rory’s other achievements includes the Limelight Award for Best Experimental Film in the 2011 movie ‘Til The Sun Rests’ and Best actor nominee for this year’s Milan International Film Festival.

Follow Rory on twitter @RoryJSaper and keep up to date with all his work on IMDB and Curtis Brown Agency.


Photos: © Justin Paludipan

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