Britney Spears Returns to Las Vegas For Her Piece Of Me Show at The Planet Hollywood Hotel


Check out some of the photos from Britney Spears‘ return to her ‘Piece Of Me’ show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas!

Looking better than ever in her blonde locks, toned body and new costumes Britney Spears returned to her Las Vegas show last night (Aug 15th) at The AXIS theater inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Britney rocked the stage to another sold out show and had all fans cheering and wanting more even after the hot Vegas show was over.

Despite the recent interview with Adam Leber and that supposedly confirming that fact that Brit lip sings during her show, all the people I asked at the theater were overjoyed with the show and were glad they saw it.

I even had a fan next to me who seemed to be a little hesitant to see the show as she dished out pretty good money for her seats, but when Brit took the stage her frown surely turned upside down and walked away saying “that was amazing, she was great”!

The lucky fan that got pulled on stage last night was no other than‘s Jordan Miller. Glad to be on stage with Brit Jordan took to Instagram to say “I was @britneyspears’ bitch! #pieceofme #freakshow”… “Can’t believe I was on stage with the legendary@britneyspears!!!”.

Even with Britney’s busy schedule with her Vegas show she still had time to launch her new lingerie line ‘Intimate Britney Spears’ which will be available online at on September 9th.

Check out just some of the photos from last nights performance below. Oh yeah! and that’s not photoshop work on the photos that’s all the hard work Brits been pulling in at the gym! 🙂

Photos: © Justin Paludipan

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