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As a long-time contributor to Splash News, we’d like to share the great news!

Shutterstock has acquired Splash News. This acquisition solidifies Shutterstock Editorial’s Newsroom offering as a premium destination for global customers for unparalleled access to premium exclusive content and editorial subscriptions. 

Shutterstock acquires Splash News, one of the world’s leading entertainment news networks


According to the press release, “This acquisition solidifies Shutterstock Editorial’s Newsroom offering as the premium destination for its global customers for unparalleled access to premium exclusive content. The Newsroom will now host an archive of over 30 million images, with a live feed of 40,000 images uploaded per day from a network of over 4,000 photographers. This is combined with The Vault, Shutterstock’s archive of over 60 million photo and video assets, making it one of the largest archival collections in the world. Contributors will now have their work showcased to Shutterstock’s millions of customers worldwide. Additionally, the Splash platform is an easy-to-use tool for contributors to engage with, providing transparency and enhancing speed to market within a complete end-to-end experience.”

What does this mean for PALUDIPAN, LLC?

As a contributing photographer for Splash News, this merger has exciting implications for our work.

The merger of these two companies creates a unique opportunity for us to showcase our work to a broader and more diverse audience. With Shutterstock’s vast global reach and cutting-edge technology, our photographs will now be accessible to a much larger community of potential customers, increasing our exposure and opportunities for sales.

Additionally, the merger brings together two of the best teams in the entertainment industry, creating a pool of expertise and resources available to PALUDIPAN, LLC’s team. This will allow us to use new and innovative tools and techniques to showcase our work and improve our skills.

Overall, this merger is a great development for our company. It creates new opportunities for exposure, growth, and success and provides access to a wealth of resources and support to help us take our photography to the next level.

As a contributor to Splash News, we are excited about this merger and embrace the new opportunities it brings. Our work has never been more valuable and accessible, and with the support of a combined company like Shutterstock and Splash News, the future looks bright!

Justin Paludipan / PALUDIPAN, LLC / Splash News

For more details regarding the merger between Shutterstock and Splash News, please visit Shutterstock.com/press

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