Britney Spears Piece Of Me Naughty & Nice Valentine’s Day Performance At The Planet Hollywood


Oops I Did It Again! I spent another night at The AXIS theater inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino where I attended yet another sold out show of ‘Britney: Piece Of Me’.

According to ticket-reseller Stubhub last nights show (Feb 14th) is Brit’s number one ticket selling night this year. Of course the company is only basing the fact on sales from their website, but I’d have to say the theater was jam packed and did feel like the opening night of the show. Pic from opening night here!

The show was amazing just like the first time I saw it and I would still go to see it again if I could. I was even more wowed by the fact I got to see Brit perform another song, Alien, from her ‘Britney Jean’ album that she didn’t perform on opening night, and she also had new costumes. Oh and not to for get her fresh brunette locks!

So yes the show was great and things where changed up but not in anyway to degrade the show. If you haven’t yet seen the show then shame on you! Go get your tickets now at and don’t forget to download grab Brit’s new single ‘Britney Jean’ now available on iTunes.

Some of my photos from Britney’s Valentine’s Day performance below.

Photos: © Justin Paludipan

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