Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour At The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas


Check out the photos from Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Concert at The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas!

So what’s to expect in a Vegas concert from the twerking star!?… Scandalous outfits, twerking, kissing fans and performing super hungover of course!

As Miley said during her Vegas concert “a lot is aloud here at the Vegas tour!” Including doing things she’s never done before, which included “performing super hungover”.

She did it once so why not do it again! During the performance of her single “Adore You” Miley got to the edge of the stage to lock lips with a female fan. Of course Miley had something to say after the kiss and she shared it with the whole concert arena saying, to the fan, you let me kiss you “longer then Katy Perry”.

Not sure what else you can ask for when attending a Miley concert, but she definitely hit all the marks on this one! She will surely be going on my Top 10 Best Concerts list and I will definitely be recommend her ‘Bangerz Tour’ to any one and everyone okay with attending a not so rated G concert.

Photos © Justin Paludipan

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